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Having A BBQ On Your Boat

Having A BBQ On Your Boat

When the sun is out and the sky is blue, there’s nothing quite like eating al fresco. However, al fresco doesn’t need to be on dry land anymore, as more and more people are choosing to set up the barbeque on their boat.

Imagine the cool ocean breeze caressing your face as you take a bite out of the most succulent juicy burger – heaven. But beware, as heavenly as it all sounds it could be a recipe for disaster if you don’t take care. You could end up getting more than burnt sausages.

What BBQs Can I Use on My Boat?

It may sound obvious, but it’s not the wisest idea to pack up your garden barbeque and stick it on deck. You can get boat grills that are designed for the food loving seafarer, so make sure you get the proper equipment.

Just like ordinary barbeques, they come in gas, charcoal and electric form. So what is best to go for?

The Charcoal Grill

Anyone who has tried a charcoal barbeque in their garden knows that these aren’t without their own issues. Firstly, it takes an age to heat up so you can actually cook on it. Then there’s the fact that you have to store all the charcoal on the boat and make sure it’s kept dry, which can be a problem on a boat.

Then there’s the dirt… charcoal and soot can get quite messy, so if you’re particularly boat proud then treat it with the utmost care.

If you do choose to go old school, be sure to get a size that suits your boat – small boat? Small grill. The most popular choice is to get a grill that clamps on to the handrail. This ensures that when you are cooking the grill is clear of the boat, so the hot ashes land in the water and not on the boat, where it could do untold damage.

Also make sure you get easy to light charcoal. If you don’t then you will need additional starter fuel, and this could cause spillages and accidents. There’s not much in this life that beats the taste of a chargrilled steak freshly cooked over the coals, but if you’re that hungry, you best be prepared to wait up… and then clean up.

The Gas Grill

With impatience being steadily on the rise, it is no coincidence that gas grills are also on the rise. However, gas on land is one thing, but a canister of gas on the sea is a little more daunting. If you are going for this option, you definitely need to invest in a grill specifically designed for a boat.

Gas grills are incredibly popular as they vary a great deal. You could get a small grill running off a disposable gas canister for less than €100 – or a grill large enough to feed dozens of people. Although they don’t have the risk if the burning embers flying around, they have the element of ‘gas’ involved – so any leaks could cause a hazard under the right – or wrong conditions.

The Electric Grill

If you’re lucky enough to have a source of electricity on your boat, you have this option. However, these do tend to be built in. They are also quite expensive to buy and run; as the amount of electricity it needs to run can be quite excessive. However, the upside is obviously the safety aspect. With no fire lighters, embers and gas, there’s less room for disaster.

To Barbeque or Not to Barbeque?

Although it’s probably not the safest and wisest option – should you choose to barbeque on your boat, just make sure you take all the safety aspects into account:

  • Choose the right grill for your boat and read the instructions carefully
  • Don’t grill whilst out at sea
  • Never leave it unattended
  • Don’t use hazardous fuels to light the BBQ
  • Be careful of embers falling onto the deck
  • Check the safety rules where you are docked
  • Check gas connections carefully
  • Put it out as soon as it’s finished and let it cool before packing it away
  • Be careful of open flames if there is wind. Don’t let anything stand too close downwind

It can be done – and it can be fun, but what’s wrong with a beach barbeque anyway?

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